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  • Where is the rest of the game?

    There have been numerous tweaks to this game, but the version you are about to download is the entire game. It is short because it was never meant to be a full and complete game. There are no sequels or add-ons to the game.

  • Why are some parts of the game menu and credits in a different language?

    The game was created as a small project by a small Korean developer. They were testing different gaming ideas and this is one they quickly cobbled together in order to test it. The game was pretty good for a quickly-created tester, so they decided to publish it online for free.

  • How do I know when I have completed the game?

    The game goes off when you have completed it. There is nothing special about the end that indicates you have finished it. When you have completed the game, you are simply unable to continue.

  • Can I have my character commit suicide in the game?

    Simply drop a rock on your character and it will kill your character. You can even drop a rock on yourself while you are riding a camel so that both you and the camel die in the game.

  • How do I get over the pond?

    You can jump over the pond and you may be able to bounce off the monster that tries to jump out and eat you. Alternatively, you can drop the rock into it, which will destroy the pond so that you may walk over it.

  • How do I stop the jitter?

    The jitter effect is intentional because it is supposed to look as if you are playing a game based on a flipbook animation. The jittering effect is okay. It is only if the game starts to lag when you move your cursor around that you should be concerned.

  • How do I use the pink plane?

    Cut it when you see it and paste it on the bottom half of your character. This puts your character in the plane where you may then fly away.

  • Does the drop kill the NPC or the rock roll?

    You can kill an NPC by dropping a rock on it, which includes almost all characters except the pond monster. A rolling rock will kill a character too, but it will also destroy an object that you could have cut and pasted. If you kill an NPC with a rock, you do not even need to be accurate. For example, even if you graze a camel’s head, it will kill the camel.

  • How do I get past the Cactus or the magic lamp?

    Keep a rock in your inventory and drop the rock to the left of either the lamp or the Cactus. The rock will run from left to right and it will crush anything in its path. The lamp cannot be opened, it can only be removed with the use of Cut & Paste.

  • Does pausing stop time?

    Don’t think of the game as having a forward time momentum. You are playing in what is supposed to be a paper flip book. When you cut or paste, you are stopping on a page in order to make the cut or paste. When you restart, you are actually restarting your journey in the flip book.