Cut & Paste is an animated puzzle game based on a flip book cartoon idea. Your job is to keep the main character from danger as he goes on a journey into a city.

The flip book is the key to Cut & Paste. Objects can be cut out of one page, and replaced later on to affect the action there. For example, you can pause before a dangerous animal, flick back through the flip book to cut out a big rock, and then paste it above the danger. When you restart time, the rock will crush your obstacle.

Cut & Paste is presented as if it's a pencil drawing in an actual notebook, and it looks really cool. The controls are simple - Space Bar pauses time, so you can use the cursors to flip forward or back. Clicking an object will cut it from a page, and it's stored in the Inventory accessed by the I key.

The puzzles are pretty logical, and sometimes there are messages that hint at the solutions. Not all objects can be cut from the page - those you can cut are a different shade from the rest. It's a very linear journey, but fascinating, and you can deal with problems in different ways meaning there are lots of ways to complete the story.

Cut & Paste is a fun little puzzle game, mixing the hand made look of Crayon Physics with a unique flip book idea that works really well.

Cut & Paste


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